Performance Requirements for Functions

1 - Space:

We need an area of at least 6 metres wide by 3 metres deep with a solid flat floor.

Anything less than this, or an odd shape, or we are playing on a stone floor, etc ... please contact us. We do not play on grass.

If the stage is made of boards then please ensure they are flat and do not move when walked upon.

We need at least 2.5 metres height from the level of the stage at each side and front of the stage area to accommodate the two light stands. If this is a marquee or the roof is flammable then the height needs to allow for the heat that is generated by these lights.

2 - Access:

We have to carry some heavy gear so please arrange that there is easy access from the cars to the stage. Hopefully no stairs!

3 - Power:

There are two components to what we need to play.

1 – A single 13 amp supply for the band gear, amplifiers, etc...

2 – A single 13 amp supply for the band lighting. This is simply to light up the band, not for the dance floor.

The technical bit:

We bring 4000watts of lighting. If all the lights were on it would run at 16amps ... too much for a single 13amp plug. Our lighting unit ensures that not all lights are on at the same time and keeps the total amps at all times below 13amps.

So the band gear needs to be on one 13amp circuit and the band lights need to be on another 13amp circuit.

It is no good supplying a single power lead with two or four sockets on the end of the lead or two leads that come off of the same double socket. There must be two separate supplies that are able to handle 13amps each.

Please contact the band if there are any questions or points you need clarifying.

Note: If the power is coming from a generator, (i.e. an outside venue) then by default we will say “No” to a generator.

We must discuss this before the event with the electricians.

9 - Payment:

It makes it much easier for us if you provide cash on the night, and that it can be split easily. Please try and help us with this request.

10 - Dress code:

Please tell us if you have a dress code for the event, otherwise we will dress accordingly.

If we need to bring clothes then please supply a room where we can change.

11 - Parking:

To keep costs down we usually travel in three, maybe four cars. Please allow parking for all of our vehicles.

12 - Noise levels:

We do attempt to keep within any noise levels, but please tell us if there any restrictions.

13 - Using any of our gear:

If you want to use any of our gear for part of the entertainment during the evening please discuss before the event. You may have somebody who wants to sing, etc...

If you want to use a microphone for the speeches then please discuss beforehand.

Our sound system is designed NOT to support microphones that are located in front of the speakers, so this can be a problem if speeches are not made from the stage.

14 - Playing outside or in a marquee:

All the above points are especially required if we play outside or in a marquee or under cover. See Space, Access, Power, Parking, Noise Levels, etc...

Power will be run out to a marquee or external venue so it is absolutely crucial that the two separate supplies we need are grounded and safe.

Noise levels will travel more when playing outside so please check this event is approved locally with neighbours.

We still need a solid area on which to play, preferably wood or the drums will move. We cannot setup electrical equipment on grass for example.

The weather and power supply are the two most important points to cover when playing outside.

The equipment cannot get wet, either from rain or condensation. We cannot setup onto grass for example.

The rain must not be able to get anywhere near any of the cables or equipment, so whatever cover is provided must be substantial and weatherproof.

Simply supplying a 6 foot square gazebo and saying “it does not look like raining” will not suffice.

Remember, it takes nearly an hour to strip down the gear if it does start to rain.

Note: Please check through the section 3 Power which must be talked through before the event with the band and the electricians. Do not assume you know what we need.

Lastly, we hope this helps with answering a lot of the questions we are asked before the event, and also helps to alleviate any problems when we arrive. This document is trying to avoid problems and not create them. All of the above items are there to make sure we can provide an excellent evening’s entertainment. We want your event to run smoothly and without a hitch and for you all to enjoy the event.

We do however reserve the right to refuse to perform for reasons of safety if there is a problem with the power, weather, outside playing arrangements, so please let’s agree everything before the date.

If in doubt then please contact the band.

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